The Game Owls: So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound (ARGREC12)

A heartfelt exploration and expression of the infinite cosmos which surrounds and imprisons the Earth, “So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound” is a multifaceted auditory document, radiating outward past the usual banal musical forms you typically experience. Although not easily lending itself to simple classification, it contains elements of avant-garde post-rock, experimental electronica, acoustic rock, and even varying strains of blues elements. Meanwhile, the vocals, while being mystically minded and cryptic, are far from being the typical ‘statements of the genre’ or ‘predictably cliched’ (which even the vanguards of the respective genres are slowly falling prey to). In short, if you are tired of listening to music that sounds as if it’s listlessly staring at the floor, give this album a spin and shift your gaze upwards, to the endless ocean of stars.

Music to experience a higher reality to. This is ARGREC12.
This one’s for you.

Download it here:

~ by John Lithium on September 26, 2010.

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