“Music For Dystopias” experimental music compilation now available! (Free Download)

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Cover art by Alistair Thaw.
Many, many thanks to everyone who helped make this compilation!

Now Accepting Submissions For The “Music For Dystopias” experimental music compilation!

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Argali Records Netlabel is now accepting submissions for our experimental music/noise compilation “Music For Dystopias”. This compilation is to be focused on themes regarding dystopian societies and cities, including paranoia, technological overload, and near-future anxiety.
Cover art graciously provided by Alistair Thaw.
Music For Uncertain Times. This One’s For You.

The current submission window is from now to September 1st. IMPORTANT: The submission window may be subject to change. The release date is currently planned for late-September to early-October, but we will post further updates once we get a specific date confirmed.

Thank you very much for your consideration. If you have any further questions regarding this compilation, please send me an email at: argalirecordsnetlabel@nym.hush.com.


I. Please send your track to argalirecordsnetlabel@nym.hush.com.
II. Send the track through WeTransfer or a similar service. DO NOT directly attach tracks to emails. One track per musician/band please.
III. PLEASE be sure to label your email AND your track file with your project name and track name (“PROJECT NAME – TRACK NAME”).
IV. Include your project Bandcamp/website/etc in your submission email, or if you do not have one of these, PLEASE STATE SO IN THE EMAIL. We cannot guarantee a reply if we do not have a website to promote or if you do not tell us you do not have one at present.
V. Only send us an email if you have a track ready to submit. Track length should be between one minute to twenty minutes in length, although we do accept exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.
VI. Ideally, this track should be EXCLUSIVE to the compilation. Submitted tracks that have been submitted to other compilations can be subject to removal.
VIII. Tracks need to be lossless and conform to Bandcamp upload procedures (see above).
X. We attempt to strike a balance between submission time and total time it takes to release a compilation. Most usually have around two to three months submission time windows. If you cannot make the submission deadline, but would still like to contribute, please get in touch with us BEFORE the submission deadline, and we will see what we can do. We are no longer accepting submissions received after the deadline without prior notification, because it frequently causes unreasonable amounts of delay. Also, if you get in touch with us in this manner, please give us a rough ETA of when the track will be ready to we can adjust schedules as needed.
XI. Track graphics are encouraged, but not required. As stated above, track graphics should be at least 1500×1500 .jpeg or similar files.
XII. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason (see above).
XIII. These rules are not all 100% set in stone, but have been written to facilitate the submission process and make it easier for both the label and the musician/band in question.

SunBurzt – Vårsånger

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Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present “Vårsånger”, just in time for Beltane. Five tracks of experimental folktronica, modern versions of traditional Sweish spring folk songs.

“Dmitry Vlasov’s involvement with music could be traced back to 2004, when he started to produce music together with his friends in Moscow, Russia, as Werk 84, almost instantly committing himself to making an unique breed of folktronica with bagpipes, guitars and analogue synthesizers, refusing to work with VSTi technology, DAW, or any kind of digital processing. In 2007 he sent a demo recording to one of the earliest and influential industrial music netlabels in Russia, .NBK Records, and got involved into a netlabel community and collaboration with the owner of the netlabel. Werk 84, later on renamed to SunBurzt, along with neofolk bands For Faith and Ostov (featuring Dmitry), marked their presence within the Russian industrial music community by a chain of albums (including a 7-inch vinyl), compilation tracks, live performances (playing on a same stage with Danish neofolk project Of the Wand & the Moon) and collaborations with many bands and projects in Russia, Israel, and northern Europe.

After the demise of the netlabel, followed by death of its owner in 2010, Dmitry started another project, Meklabor, primarily collaborating with European and American artists, such as Ars Sonor (Sweden), The Implicit Order (USA), Mystified (USA), Ethnomite Pux (UK), and many others. For Faith / Ostov transformed into a stoner / doom metal band Jarzvet, and the earlier, more improvisational incarnation of Werk 84 came into existence again as Hidden Glow.

In 2018 Dmitry decided to resurrect SunBurzt, working this time with Linnea Shannon Friberg (an electronic music producer and Reiki Master from Stockholm, Sweden, owner of a production company Chrysalis Core, and a part of a ‘slipstream trance’ project Tuatha), who contributed her vocals to this EP consisting of modern versions of traditional Swedish spring songs by Anna Maria Roos, Johan Ludvig Runeberg, Gunnar Wennerberg, Julia Nyberg a.k.a. Euphrosyne, and Herman Sätherberg.

released May 1, 2018

Dmitry Vlasov: music, mixing
Linnea Shannon Friberg: vocals, additional synths and samples
Chrysalis Core: additional mixing, mastering

The Glove Of Bones – Heretical Alchemy

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Working with source materials from the Lithium Toolbox, this album is an industrial deep dive into the themes of alchemy, although strains of drone, darkened beats, experimental dark ambient, and avant-garde electronica can be found in this auditory elixir as well. This album also features reprocessed sounds/recordings from the UBU Web Archive “Occult Voices – Paranormal Music, Recordings Of Unseen Intelligences 1905 – 2007”, a fascinating collection of recordings featuring, among other things, xenoglossia, trance speech, and ‘paranormal singing’.

Full Download comes with an additional track: “Quintam Essentium (Interficiam Propter Aeris)”.



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APRIL 13, 2018.

“No Port Of Call” experimental music compilation now available! (Free Download)

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Argali Records Netlabel sets sail with their latest experimental music compilation “No Port Of Call: Songs From The Flying Dutchman”, a collection of experimental music tracks based around the theme and tales of ghost ships throughout the ages. Featuring ambient guitarscapes, electronica, industrial, and several different strains of dark ambient, this compilation is an exploration into the darkened waters of the past and the future.



Cover art by The Implicit Order.

2018 updates

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-Fancy new custom domain name acquired!
-The “Submissions” page has been meticulously re-written. It now includes both album/EP submission guidelines and compilation track guidelines. It mostly remains the same from the previous write-up, although a few important details have been added. Also, we are now accepting up to 20 minute compositions in most compilations. For more details, please check out the “Submissions Page”.
-Vaguely new graphics for the website. I have been debating on getting a new theme, but given that the current one is a legacy/retired theme, and seems to work well for netlabel purposes, I have been on the fence regarding if I should replace it or not.
-The “Participants” list has been updated and should be (hopefully) completely up to date!
-The “Releases” page is still out-of-date. At some point in the near future, I will be instituting a different catalogue number system: one for album/EP releases, and another for compilations. This should hopefully cut down on the confusion. For our most recent work, please visit our Bandcamp site: https://argalirecordsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/
-I hope you are all having a healthy, safe, and prosperous 2018!