Luxurious Dagger : Glue Factory (ARGREC20)



Just in time for Cinco De Mayo, Argali Records plunges headfirst into the strange and fascinating world of twisted plunderphonic collage soundscapes with this short, but sweet EP by Luxurious Dagger.

Appropriated (or should that be ‘liberated’ instead) from the detritus of a turbulent pop culture ocean, “Glue Factory” is a deliriously miasma fusion of ephemeral proclamations and percussive elements, bent and twisted to shift uneasily around the psyche of the listener. Will easily appeal to fans of The Residents, Nurse With Wound, Negativland, very early Foetus, Contgaious Orgasm, Snog, and Severed Heads.

Marvin Ferguson, of the projects Luxurious Dagger (, a self-titled project (, and the group Fag Rabbit (, deftly mixes the playfully surreal with the hypnotically esoteric on this release.

Music that’ll make you want more.
You’ll really like it.

This is ARGREC20.

~ by John Lithium on May 5, 2013.

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