Now Accepting Submissions for the “Attention K-Mart Shoppers” experimental music compilation!



Argali Records Netlabel Presents:
(“Maximum Convenience For The Discerning Listener”)

After careful thought and consideration, this unusual idea is going forward. Argali Records is compiling a collection of tracks featuring experimental music that should include at least one sample (and preferably many) from the “Attention K-Mart Shoppers” ephemeral field recording/music collection that was released on a few months ago (the collection can be accessed here: While we have no specific genre restrictions, we do ask that there be at least one part of the “Attention…” collection in the composition. This idea originated from discussions regarding the creation of and reaction to this piece by the John Lithium ‘plunderphonics’ side-project (HELPER UNIT). If you wish, check it out here:

Submission Guidelines:
-This compilation will be presented and distributed through BandCamp, so their file type restrictions apply: .WAV/.FLAC files, 44.1 KHz.
Composition length should be anywhere from one to ten minutes in length. We can be flexible with how much over ten minutes the track goes, but please make the track longer than a minute.
PLEASE only submit a track that is EXCLUSIVE to this compilation. If you feel that remixing one of your older works with newer material and the “Attention K-Mart Shoppers” material is the way to go, that is perfectly fine, but if you do so, please provide a link to the album that the original track came from so I can link to it in the track description page.
PLEASE clearly label/ tag tracks with the desired artist and track titles. If this is a side-project and you usually go under a different moniker, let me know that to so I can make note of that.
-You can send the track and relevant info to: Please use WeTransfer or something similar. i also have a DropBox, though you might have to remind me on how to use it. :3
One track per band/musician, please.

I will be providing graphic design for this release, although if you would like to contribute digital art to this project or to accompany your project, let me know (as long as it fits the theme of the compilation). THE TENTATIVE DEADLINE FOR THIS COMPILATION IS FEBRUARY 29, 2016. The absolute minimum amount of submissions I would like for this compilation is 10, although if I could get 15 – 20 that would be great. If you need a little more time, let me know, but the current goal is to release this compilation early January.

Hopefully that covers everything. I will be checking my emails and messages daily, so if you have any other questions, etc, feel free to ask. Also, if you know anyone who might dig this idea and/or would be interested in contributing, feel free to share etc.

~ by John Lithium on October 26, 2015.

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