The Jesus Fish Experience : Baptized By The Void

Cover 01

Argali Records Netlabel is proud to announce the triumphant return of Argali Records Netlabel co-founder Reon Moebius and his project The Jesus Fish Experience. Described as “culmination of nine years of grueling dedication, sleepless nights, and near total collapse…”, “Baptized By The Void” is an intense mixture of experimental metal, drone, industrial, alongside post-rock and noise elements. “It’s the sound of creative ambitions aspiring to a standard that clashes with obvious instrumental and technical limitations”, mixing the imagery of the depths of oceanic and galactic voids along with the emotional resonance of individual trials and tribulations.

Full album downloads include extended linear notes from the album’s creator Reon Moebius, as well as a text file of the album lyrics and additional album graphics.


~ by John Lithium on April 1, 2019.

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