The Glove Of Bones: 9

Ca + Li 9


’9’ is the second release where the Glove of Bones ransacks the Lithium Tool Box for inspiration. This isn’t an RMX project, it’s a far more complex & abstracted beast. The LTB content has been sampled, looped, smashed through any number of digital blenders to form back bones and skins on/in fleshy bodies of sound.

The ‘9’ of the title are the daughters of Mnemosyne & Zeus. An erotic (potentially, based on novelistic freedom) issue of their non-consensual interaction, it produced the Nine Muses. Their designations have informed many creative types, artists & poets for as long as they have been spoken of, with their names filtering through to our contemporary understanding of ’the muse’.

The GoB, whilst pilfering sonic content from the Lithium archive has played with broken bells, busted tape machines & radios, essentially fucked guitars, warped temple gongs, dub infected and degraded beatz, and the endless static of gig corrupted hearing. Never entirely finished, they are ripe to move on from.

Many thanks to Nathan for producing the Lithium content and being the big wheel at Argali.

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All artwork, sound & concept by the Glove of Bones.

~ by John Lithium on December 7, 2019.

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