“Fourth Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: Rotations And Transitions” experimental music compilation now available! (Free/Pay-What-You-Want Download)


As the year swiftly draws to a close, Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present our fourth and final quarterly experimental music and noise compilation for 2022. Featuring tracks from Bahia Mansa, Cousin Silas, James Hoehl, Mike Benoit, Puppy Bordiga, Grove Of Whispers, Jaime Munarriz, turista digital, Cumsleg Borenail, Thomas Park, Photons (Gerard Cox/Jeff Sutherland), Mean Flow, Lezet, Wilfried Hanrath, Mayhem Lettuce, Anastasia Vronski, {AN} EeL, flyoversx, RDKPL, and Terbeschikkingstelling, this collection features a wide array of dark ambience, moody industrial, electronica, power electronics, and a few surprises as well (as is tradition at this point).


Music for the holiday darkness.

This is ARGREC49.


released December 16, 2022


All music by the respective musicians/bands.
Cover artwork and promotional graphics by Reon Moebius, individual track graphics by the respective bands.
Curation and release by John Lithium and Reon Moebius.

~ by John Lithium on December 16, 2022.

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