“Fifth Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: The Gathering” experimental music/noise compilation now available! (Free/Pay-what-you-want)

2023. Despite everything, the shuddering starship Earth continues to sail through the scintillating star ocean. Naturally, for this improbable, yet wondrous voyage, one needs a soundtrack for the travels ahead. We here at Argali Records Netlabel are proud to present the “Fifth Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: The Gathering” for that purpose. Inside, you will find a wide array of sonic explorations spread across multiple genres, including electronica, industrial, dark ambience, power electronics/harsh noise, plunderphonics/audio collage, and of course much less easily definable experiments and permutations resulting from genre combinations and alterations.

Featuring tracks by On Button, Marvo Servo, DJ_Iterate, Lezet, KR Seward, Bleepeater, el_masmore, Cousin Silas, Wilfried Hanrath, Afghanistan Mon Amour (Brii Bauer aka Power & Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt) & Käthe Kruse (Die Tödliche Doris), {AN} EeL, Liminalator, Horrak, Mean Flow, Mayhem Lettuce, Federico Balducci | fourthousandblackbirds, Requiem, James Hoehl, Jaime Munarriz, nd dentico, Glenn Sogge, Grove Of Whispers, RDKPL, Zumaia, flyoversx, Scientia, Terbeschikkingstelling, tar xzvf, Spore, and Christopher Nosnibor.

Note: These tracks feature a wide range of audio levels. Listener discretion for volume levels is recommended.


This is ARGREC50.

~ by John Lithium on March 3, 2023.

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