JMMIII : Stranger Than Fact (ARGREC02)


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Argali Records is proud to welcome JMMIII to the family. JMMIII is the experimental ambient project of Jon7, head of the influential Timetheory netlabel. “Stranger Than Fact” exhibits two long-form mutations and manipulations of the “Remixable Stranger” tracks into vast industrial dark ambient soundscapes. The stated intention of this project is relatively simple: to create music without the need of set parameters, limitations, expectations, and justifications. In short, this is known as the principle of ‘initialism’.

A conflicted sense of simultaneous wonder and unease can be associated with these aural landscapes, evoking feelings of comfort and alienation. Yes, this is an album of unsettling dualities, swiftly amorphous textures, sudden shifts of temperament and technique. While shimmering drones constitute the backbone of the two tracks, they are augmented with fragmented synth melodies, stuttering frequencies, foreboding bass backgrounds, and wordless technoid languages. In addition to the often rapid evolution of the music, there is also a very strong futurist influence in this work as well, as if the almost incomprehensible echoes of the future of fifty to one hundred years from now filtered down into the present into a highly concentrated auditory form.

The truth is, of course, stranger than fact.

Jon7/Timetheory Netlabel:
John Lithium:
The Remixable Stranger:

PS “The Remixable Stranger” is an ongoing process. Learn more on the album release page. 😉

~ by John Lithium on February 2, 2009.

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