The Jesus Fish Experience: Songs Of Protest, War, & Hate (ARGREC03)


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“…and God have mercy…upon your lost children…”
“…who ravage this planet in search of you…”
“…Est deus in nobis…”

Argali Records is proud to present the album “Songs Of Protest, War, & Hate” by The Jesus Fish Experience. While previously appearing as one half of “The Nihilist Fish Engine Phenomenon” in the label’s debut release, this album focuses completely on the unique industrial post-rock dirges of The Jesus Fish Experience. Aided at certain points by Ether Drift, Rusted Spheres, and Terra Engine, the overall sound and experience is that of Interesting Specimen’s continued exploration fo claustraphobic soundscapes, equally inspired by early post-rock, industrial, and krautrock pioneers. The album is a mirror, but it does not reflect the image of any one individual or group. Instead, it is held up against the entire world: a reflection of the societies we (almost invariably) find ourselves in. This music is not easy listening, whimsical, or optimistic. Nevertheless, it radiates instead a sense of the cynical framework of ‘truth’, hiding beneath the endless facade of manufactured emotions and cheap sensations which comprise our modern sense of reality.

As explained by Interesting Specimen (the man behind “The Jesus Fish Experience”): “This album in itself is meant to be an exploration of what our society now in the Post 9-11 Paranoia Digital Techno-Boom has manufactured, produced, conditioned, condoned, feared, and coveted through eight tracks of monolithic post rock dirges aided by driving sledgehammer pummels of borderline tribal digital percussion,while guitars drone or shriek walls of shimmering,ghostly harmonics or roar with rage and chaotic fury.

All of this melds with electronic ambience, otherworldly samples, hypnotic loops, drone and tone clusters to envelop the listener into a reflection of our modern world,and what we as human beings have become in this day and age, regardless of our social, religious, political, cultural, national background or morals.”

Special thanks to John Lithium, Ether Drift, Rusted Spheres, Audacity, Hammerhead, Studio Moon Light, and Bo-Diddley. Music Copyrighted The Jesus Fish Experience, Jew Fish Pie Records, and Argali Records.

The Jesus Fish Experience:
Ether Drift:
Rusted Spheres:
Terra Engine:

~ by John Lithium on March 22, 2009.

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