The Game Owls : Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert (ARGREC16)

Download it here:

The Game Owls returns to Argali Records with their second offering: “Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert”. Featuring his distinct hybridization of post-rock/post-metal and experimental electronica, this album is a decidedly darker affair than “So The Heavens Can Hear Us…”. Yet, with the frequent acoustic touches and mournful vocals, this is an experience that is both personal and universal in scope: dark companion hymns for the days long left behind, and those still remaining. Album graphic design by Florian Ayala Fauna and additional instrumentation on the track “DeserTriniZerOcean” by The Jesus Fish Experience.

The Game Owls:
Florian Ayala Fauna (Blackantlers/Uncertain):
The Jesus Fish Experience:
Argali Records:

~ by John Lithium on July 31, 2011.

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