The Jesus Fish Experience: Cosmic Predation (ARGREC17)

Download it here:

If you have been following the progress of Argali Records for a while now, then you should (hopefully) be familiar with the work of The Jesus Fish Experience. Pursuing a dark, singular musical vision, “Cosmic Predation” fuses haunting e-bow melodies and dirges to the psyche of the listener. Comparisons to ‘post-metal’, noise rock, industrial, black metal, doom, sludge, and even dark ambient can be made, but thankfully the end result goes beyond such simplistic classifications.

Oppressive and moody, it is also surprisingly uplifting in a paradoxical way, as the sound both grips at the earth and reaches towards the stars. A ‘blackened neo-shoegaze’ experience of harrowing proportions, easily piercing through the ‘blah, blah, blah’ of your routine existence.

Music to focus on the infinite.
This is ARGREC17.

~ by John Lithium on August 14, 2011.

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