mutaTRAV – SinKing [ARGREC27]


Download here:

A moody and evocative journey into the darkened waters of experimental industrialized ambient. As I.v.Martinez puts it:

Once upon a time Travis uploaded bunch of sounds for sound artists to use. Idea was compilation of tracks, created out of sounds from this fine collection. So I.v. downloaded it and created longform strangescape that evokes submarine with only ghosts on the board, slowly sinking into deep. It is also next piece in “muta” puzzle, that is collection of recordings created completely out of sounds/noises/rhythms by other sound artists.”
released August 12, 2017

Music created by I.v.Martinez

Source sounds/noises/rhythms by Travis D. Johnson

Artwork by National Archives and Records Administration

~ by John Lithium on August 12, 2017.

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