Now Accepting Submissions For “Dream Topography” Experimental Music Compilation


Now Accepting Submissions For

[Final artwork subject to change]

Experimental music/noise compilation with the theme focusing on dreams, dream geography/topology, and the nature of dreams/dream states/etc. Tentative submission window is from September to October, release TBA but either late November or early December. Submission procedures listed below, also see the last two points of [] for more information. Thank you, and have a great day.


I. Tracks submitted need to be exclusive to this compilation.
NO remixes or tracks released previously on other compilations.
II. Audio files need to conform to Bandcamp uploading standards. WAV/FLAC only.
III. ONE submission per band/musician please.
IV. Tracks should ideally be between one to ten minutes in length (if it’s a little bit longer than that, that should be OK too).
V. Please include your project name and website/Bandcamp with your submission email.
VI. Be sure music file is titled in “Band name – track name” format.
VII. Please use WeTransfer or similar services to email submissions to:

~ by John Lithium on August 27, 2017.

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