Thomas Park : Mad Fry



Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present “Mad Fry” from Thomas Park, longtime supporter of the label, known as the creative force behind “Mystified”, in addition to a number of other projects and releases under his own name. This is Argali’s first foray into the realm of generative music. As described by Mr. Park himself: “For “Mad Fry”, I used a Python module I co-authored called “The GenerIter”. The GenerIter is freely available to all coders. I took our basic format, added some layers, and deconstructed the voice connections– ie, I made it so anything could be the bass, drums, etc. in the code-configurator. It had a weird way of making the tracks sound more spacey.” There is a simultaneous pensive and playful quality to the music, abstract and measured. But underlying all these qualities is the mysterious, and yet undefinable aspect of generative music. Where is it going and what does it want? Only Mad Fry knows.

Music From The Surface Of The Sun.

This One’s For You.

~ by John Lithium on September 18, 2021.

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