Dawnbreaker : Greater Things On The Horizon

dawnbreaker cover art

Listen/Download here: https://argalirecordsnetlabel.bandcamp.com/album/greater-things-on-the-horizon

Argali Records Netlabel is proud to present “Greater Things On The Horizon” by “Dawnbreaker”, a forty-seven minute longform epic of slowly evolving, blissed out beats, atmospheric light ambience, and chill electronica with a worldly edge. As Linn F states:

“My first artistic alias was Dawnbreaker, founded initially back in 2004 for the sake of releasing a soundtrack I produced for the school video game project. This is by no means a revival, just a proper alias for the final pre-pandemic recording gathering dust on my laptop”.

Linn F. (pronouns she/her) is a statistics student at Linköping University, Sweden, who makes electronic music in her spare time (mostly taking part in diverse projects of Slavek Kwi a.k.a. Artificial Memory Trace), curates/produces the annual INTENT compilation series on a French netlabel Kalamine Records, and develops Oriondrive (representational state transfer API), grown out of collaboration with Thomas Jackson Park. Her passions include programming in R, natural language processing (at this point mostly implementation of diverse AI language models), and hydroponic gardening. Interconnected DWC systems in her tiny apartment in central Norrköping provide her with fresh greens and tomatoes all year round, and something to gaze upon while working out a solution to the next coding/modeling problem. Some of her work is available on her GitHub, updated sporadically, as well as on her Kalamine Records page:


Music for the hopeful horizon.


~ by John Lithium on November 5, 2021.

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