Now Accepting Track Submissions For 3rd Quarter Compilation!

Hello all. Argali Records Netlabel is now accepting tracks for our THIRD-quarter experimental music compilation for 2022. For this year, we are mixing things up a bit, as the compilations will be (mostly) unthemed and untitled until just before the release date. Hopefully this will encourage people who feel constrained towards adhering to a certain theme/genre. If you are interested, please check out our submission procedure guidelines here ( Please note that we will be a little bit stricter regarding people following the guidelines, as it really does help up run the compilation submission process as smoothly as possible as well as reduces the chance of possible mistakes and/or confusion later on. At present, the last day to send tracks in will be SEPT 24th, with a planned release date of OCT 1st. Thank you.

~ by John Lithium on July 14, 2022.

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