Submission Procedure

EP/Album Submission Guidelines:

I. Please send an initial email to, detailing your project and the EP/album you would like to release. Be sure to include your project/band name, album name, website/Bandcamp link, and any other relevant information in your email. Also, please be sure to include your project and album info in the email header. This helps us keep messages sorted and replied to in as prompt a manner as possible. Finally, please provide us with a date would like us to release the album. While we are a small label, we do usually have at least one compilation project going on simultaneously, so having a projected ETA helps us immensely in scheduling releases. Ideally, your album is in a completed state and ready to release when you send us your message.
II. Please send your music files and album graphics (if applicable) in a single .Zip file through WeTransfer. DO NOT directly attach files to the email.
III. Audio files need to conform to the Bandcamp upload standards ( These tracks should be rendered on your end in a lossless format. Messages containing MP3 files or source tracks converted from MP3 files will not be considered.
IV. Argali Records Netlabel does not release singles at the moment, only EPs and full-length releases. If you have single tracks you would like us to release, consider submitting them to one of our fine compilation projects.
V. While the label can provide album graphics for you, this will frequently drastically increase the time it takes to release an album. Therefore, we highly encourage you to include your own graphics for your EP/album. Please include a 1500×1500 pixel .jpeg or similar graphic in your .zip file. The minimum requirement for Bandcamp graphics is 1400×1400, and 1500×1500 is similar in size (once size reduced) to a CD label, so in general.
VI. IMPORTANT: Argali Records cannot mix, master, re-master, or volume correct your tracks. We do not have the time or the ability to do this. PLEASE only submit projects that are in a completed state that you are 100% satisfied with.
VII. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason. This will hopefully never be an issue, but for various reasons, this claimer needed to be added. Be sure to follow the submission guidelines, as they have been designed to lessen the time it takes between receiving a submission and releasing it. We cannot guarantee a response if the guidelines are not followed.
VIII. Argali Records Netlabel is, basically, an experimental electronica label, although we have several releases of post-rock, drone, ambient, and experimental cut-up, with several other genres represented in the compilations. We consider noise albums on a case-by-case basis, although there are usually other labels that can better serve releases in that genre. Also, Argali attempts to be non-political/non-ideological (to the best of our ability, at least), so please keep that in mind when submitting EPs/albums.
IX. Thank you again for your interest/consideration/support. We understand that these procedures may be a bit more in-depth than other labels, but Argali Records Netlabel is not like other netlabels. THIS ONE’S FOR YOU.

Compilation Submission Requirements:

I. Please send your track to .
II. Send the track through WeTransfer or a similar service. DO NOT directly attach tracks to emails. One track per musician/band please.
III. PLEASE be sure to label your email AND your track file with your project name and track name (“PROJECT NAME – TRACK NAME”).
IV. Please include your project Bandcamp/website/etc in your submission email.
V. Only send us an email if you have a track ready to submit. Please do NOT send multiple tracks and ask for us to choose. Track length should be between one minute to twenty minutes in length, although we do accept exceptions to this on a case-by-case basis.
VI. While we do accept tracks that have been previously released on an album, the track should be EXCLUSIVE to the compilation. (in other words, not already submitted to other compilations).
VII. Submitted tracks need to be lossless and conform to Bandcamp upload procedures.
IX. Track graphics are encouraged, but not required. Graphics should be at least 1500×1500 .jpeg or similar to conform to Bandcamp standards.
X. There is NO profit sharing on Argali Records Netlabel compilations. Any purchase profits goes towards defraying hosting costs for the label. We appreciate your understanding.
XI. No HNW unless stated otherwise.
XII. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.
XIII. These rules are not all 100% set in stone, but have been written to facilitate the submission process and make it easier for both the label and the musician/band in question. All compilations are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licenses unless stated otherwise.
XIV. Thank you again for your consideration. Please feel free to use the email listed above if you have any questions regarding submission procedures etc.

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