Argali Records Netlabel Discography

Note: Early releases not currently on the label Bandcamp site are considered archival, are not indicative of the current output, and will not be re-released. Most of the John Lithium releases were later self-released, and future EPs/albums will not be released through Argali.

This list is up-to-date as of 05/05/2023. Many thanks to all previous, current, and future participants. These are for you.

ARGREC01 : The Nihilist Fish-Engine Phenomenon : I
ARGREC02 : JMMIII : Stranger Than Fact
ARGREC03 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Songs Of Protest, War & Hate
ARGREC04 : HEX : Subversive Intent
ARGREC05 : Nihil Obstat & Friends : No End In Sight Remixes (Volume I)
ARGREC06 : Buben Vs. Nasta Labada : The Piano Concerto
ARGREC07 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Nihilist Machine
ARGREC08 : Rusted Spheres : Famine
ARGREC09 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Most People Stay In Corners
ARGREC10 : John Lithium : Insomnia
ARGREC11 : John Lithium : Psychic Negation
ARGREC12 : The Game Owls : So The Heavens Can Hear Us, The Earth Will Be Our Sound
ARGREC13 : John Lithium : Escapism
ARGREC14 : John Lithium : Lithium Toolbox Soundsources Kit
ARGREC15 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Magnitudes Of Infinity
ARGREC16 : The Game Owls : Trinity Ocean And The Zero Desert
ARGREC17 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Cosmic Predation
ARGREC18 : John Lithium : Lithium Toolbox Volume II
ARGREC19 : Various Artists : Time Will Pass (Compilation)
ARGREC20 : Luxurious Dagger : Glue Factory
ARGREC21 : The Road Ahead (Compilation)
ARGREC22 : Flat Affect : Lobotomized Vol. 1
ARGREC23 : An Analysis Of The Past – The Genesis Of Experimental Processes (Compilation)
ARGREC24 : President Blair/John Lithium : Time Is The Blood Of Space
ARGREC25 : mutaHERTZ : Fantastic Planetscapes
ARGREC26 : exMAn : Fogitive (Alien Abducted Drum Machine – The Album)
ARGREC27 : mutaTRAV : SinKing
ARGREC28 : Dream Topography (Compilation)
ARGREC29 : No Port Of Call (Compilation)
ARGREC30 : The Glove Of Bones : Heretical Alchemy
ARGREC32 : mhzesent : Living a Groundhog Day; Leaving Parties, Forever, and Ever.
ARGREC33 : Eternal Wanderer : Music For Leaving The Solar System (Compilation)
ARGREC34 : The Jesus Fish Experience : Baptized By The Void
ARGREC35 : 10 Years Of Argali (Compilation)
ARGREC36 : The Glove Of Bones : 9
ARGREC37 : A Collection Of Great Love Songs (Compilation)
ARGREC38 : …and it’s so late… (Compilation)
ARGREC39 : Pro Choice Noise (For All To Have A Voice) [Compilation]
ARGREC40 : The Planar Harrow (Compilation)
ARGREC41 : Walker: In Light And Darkness (Compilation)
ARGREC42 : Thomas Park : Mad Fry
ARGREC43 : Dawnbreaker : Greater Things On The Horizon
ARGREC44 : First Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: The Jester’s Lament (Compilation)
ARGREC45 : Second Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: Forward Momenetum (Compilation)
ARGREC46 : Lezet : RoMoXoZ / New Age
ARGREC47 : Third Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: Language Of The Fall (Compilation)
ARGREC48 : The Glove Of Bones : Fawkes Mask
ARGREC49 : Fourth Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: Rotations And Transitions (Compilation)
ARGREC50 : Fifth Quarterly Report Of Argali Records Netlabel: The Gathering (Compilation)
ARGREC51 : Lezet : Floating
ARGREC52 : Luxurious Dagger : Glue Factory (10th Anniversary Edition)

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